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As military members we train for battle. We prepare for emergencies and how to help our communities. Something we can never be ready for is the loss of one of our own to suicide.
Whether you realize it or not, North Carolina has a National Guard and an Air National Guard. Many of these members are out serving your community full time. And just this past week, one of our medical flyers recently took his own life. He was 25, and a father of four.
Wake and District is made up of extraordinary individuals. Many of its members either currently serve or have served in some capacity.
I felt it was important you know about this senseless loss – something we could not prepare for. This is a reminder to watch out for your wingman. The struggle we feel may take time to develop, and we are responsible to each other to help in a time of need.
One of the biggest factors that can contribute to someone who seeks to take their own life is not having a social group.
As you look across at your fellow band-mates when you step into the circle know you belong to something special. You are important and you belong.
Thank you for those of you that serve.
– Natasha Wells



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