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On Friday, 25 April 2015 (Anzac Day — a day of remembrance) members of Raleigh’s Pipe Band — Wake and District — were honored to participate in the dedication ceremony for the unveiling of the City of Raleigh Police Memorial.  The memorial was designed for Raleigh Police Officers by Raleigh Police Officers through the deeds of the RPD Memorial Foundation and ClearScapes.

The Raleigh Police Memorial Foundation was founded in 2009 by a group of active and retired Raleigh police officers who have tirelessly dedicated themselves to honoring and remembering Raleigh police officers who made the ultimate sacrifice. The foundation raised funds to support the construction of the police memorial.   A long-standing promise made by department veterans to honor and keep the memory sacred of the officers who made the ultimate sacrifice serving Raleigh has been fulfilled.

The Raleigh Police Officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty are:

  • Officer Tom G. Crabtree — End of Watch, September 1, 1922
  • Officer Robert E. Sparks — End of Watch, March 8, 1968
  • Officer James W. Allen — End of Watch, December 5, 1968
  • Officer James G. Lee — End of Watch, December 5, 1968
  • Officer Delma D. Adams — End of Watch, February 3, 1980
  • Officer Denis Holden — End of Watch: August 4, 1995
  • Detective Paul A. Hale — End of Watch: July 11, 1997
  • Officer Charles R. Paul — End of Watch: September 10, 2002

The Memorial’s Design:  The $500,000 memorial features 21 stone structures of granite representing the community. Flowing out of the community is a 60-foot water table reflecting the sky. Thomas Sayre and his team of artists and architects at Clearscapes said that the reflecting pool represents the ideal that Raleigh’s officers serve. The water table also will feature eight holes or voids representing the eight officers who have died in the line of duty in Raleigh.  The motto for the memorial is ‘Honoring the fallen, inspiring the living.’

RPD Memorial - 25 April 2014
RPD Memorial – 25 April 2014

“When I hear the call of the pipes
And the tattoo of the drums as they echo in the hills,
I will come and
stand the line.
And you should know this,
That whether you stand with me or against me,
I will fight till death.
And if the Lord should decide to take me before you,
Then you should know this.
That my brothers and sons and my sisters and
daughters will pick up my sword and continue to
Stand the line.
For oppression, anarchy and evil shall not prevail,
As long as I,
stand the line
Let us remember those warriors
Who stood beside us,
Let us remember,
We carry their swords. “

Band photos from the memorial can be seen here.
A WRAL news story can be viewed here.



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