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Our members are homeward bound after a fabulous weekend in Chicago. We continue to be impressed with our progression. Thank you to Jim Sim and the Midwest Pipe Band Association — and all the MWPBA bands for their support at the Chicago Highland Games and Scottish Festivalsome real class act bandsMidlothian Scottish Pipe Band – Chicago Scots Pipe Band – Greater Midwest Pipe BandKansas City St. Andrew Pipes and Drums – Chicago Celtic Pipe BandThe Chicago Stock Yard Kilty Band – Dundee Scottish Pipe Band — and so many more. Thank you to all the stewards for keeping everything on schedule and in line (really great contest venue — a real “must go” pipe band event — HIGHLY recommended). ‪#‎MWPBA‬  

It was a sort of homecoming for two of our members — John Schodtler and Joe Brady — both who grew up in the Chicago-land area and played with a few of the bands referenced above.  We shared some Southern Spirit(s) with pipe maker Dave Atherton and many a folk in the beer tent.  We hope we left an impression of Southern hospitality with everyone we met.  Our members are humbled by all of your kind words about our program.

It was a good day for our members both individually and collectively.  Tim Hinson cleaned house in G3 piping with 4 first places and 1 2nd.  John Lovett won professional bass drummer of the day. Congratulations also to MaryEllen Hinson and Christinia Raig for going on the boards so far from home (you both did so well).  Very proud of all our solo players for putting forth exhausting but rewarding efforts.

As to our G3 band performances –we didn’t have our best MSR run — but sprung back with a strong Medley performance — garnering a 2nd place Medley slot (our drummers also took 1st in Medley).  We scored a pair of 2nd’s in Ensemble for both the Medley and MSR — strong work against some well established (and big) G3 bands.  In case you missed it — our middies won BEST BASS SECTION in G3!!!

We know what we are doing right – we know what we are doing wrong, and we are taking all the steps towards continuous-collective improvement.

Here are the full band results form the 2015 Chicago Highland Games:

Grade 2 MSR (1) : Greater Midwest
Grade 2 Medley (1) : Greater Midwest
Grade 2 Aggregate (1) : Greater Midwest

Grade 3 MSR (5) : 1. Midlothian Scottish 2. Kansas City St. Andrews 3. Chicago Celtic 4. Wake and District 5. Chicago Scots
Grade 3 Medley (5) : 1. Midlothian Scottish 2. Wake and District 3. Kansas City St. Andrews 4. Chicago Scots 5. Chicago Celtic
Grade 3 Aggregate (5) : 1. Midlothian Scottish (BDC) 2. Kansas City St. Andrews 3. Wake and District (BBS) 4. Chicago Scots 5. Chicago Celtic

Grade 4 Medley (5) : 1. 87th Cleveland (BDC) 2. St Andrews Society of Central IL 3. Chicago Highlanders (BBS) 4. Minnesota Police 5. Stockyard Kilty

Grade 5 QMM (12) : 1. Turlach Ur 2. Kansas City St Andrews (BDC, BBS) 3. Omaho P&D 4. Madison P&D 5. Celtic Cross 6. Firefighter Highland Guard

To all of our families we left behind for the weekend – thanks for your patience and understanding of this cantankerous thing we do.   HUGE thank you to the Justice League for transporting all of our gear across several state lines – and acting as the best roadies and baby-sisters to all things Wake and District (whoooo).  Cheers to Peter McArthur for lending your time and talent to help setup the pipers throughout the day; it was invaluable.

We said it before – nothing stays the same.  Progression continues.  We are having fun and remain impressed.  We are no where near where we are going to end up…




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