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It appeared as a distant vision – an unwavering beacon.
We grew to trust in it’s strength of purpose.
An idea whose time had come.
And so we traveled from homes near and far.
Driven by a calling wind.
A conviction to serve like no other.

It became the embodiment of a group.
Focusing itself into a single point of strength.
Forming into the foundation, on which an unstoppable force was to be built.
Guided by the conviction to serve something greater than ourselves.

We strive for excellence.
We do not accept compromise.
We honor our fallen.

We do this in the face of mighty winds – because someone must.
Someone must honor and serve those who honored and served before us.

It is a humble offering.
A burden no one wishes to bear – but must be shouldered.
It’s not without sacrifice – it’s not without defeat.
But, it’s also not without triumph.

In the circle, we constantly press on, demanding more and more of ourselves.
Because we wouldn’t have it any other way.

THIS is Wake and District.






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