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The World Pipe Band Championships is the biggest international competition in the pipe band world….. and so much more besides!   The Worlds always brings additional competitions and activity to Glasgow Green, making it a vibrant and hugely entertaining event for all ages and tastes. More information on the Worlds can be found @ www.theworlds.co.uk

Pipers and drummers from around the world will be on the Green or watching online cheering on their favorites.    With the Championships only 10 days away – we wanted to send a special shout-out to the bands from the United States of America heading to Scotland; safe travels and best of luck on the Green.

Here are the bands representing the Spirit of ’76…

Grade 1

– Los Angeles Scottish Pipe Band
– Stuart Highlanders

Grade 2

– New York Metro Pipe Band
– Portland Metro Pipe Band
– St Thomas Alumni Pie Band

Grade 3a

– Worcester Kiltie

Grade 4a

– Stuart Highlanders

Grade 4B

– House of Scotland Pipe Band
– Saffron United Pipe Band
– Sir James McDonald Pipe Band


On Friday 15 August the Grade 1 Qualifiers will take place. 

The competition will be streamed online HERE.
On Saturday 16 August all other competition, including the Championship Finals, will take place.
The competition will be streamed online via the BBC website.
We’ll add a link to this page as soon as we have it.





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