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In 2008 members of Wake & District stepped onto the competition field for the first time at Loch Norman and won 1st place in Grade 5. Since those inaugural steps – our program has had tremendous success, leading to an upgrade to Grade 4 in 2011. Our program will succeed or fail based upon the people involved. It is the people of this band who make it great; the band will provide the instruction and resources to nurture this process. People will join the band if they like what they hear and see from us. We therefore are the stewards of the band’s image. It is in our best interest to keep the band in a moving forward.

The band’s Grade 4 program will now be under the leadership of Pipe Major Seamus Russell. Seamus comes to Wake & District from the Jamestown Pipe Band and we are elated to have Seamus and his wife Jean (a tenor drummer) join our ranks.

We will continue to say what we mean and mean what we say: We will follow our vision all the while being mindful of the steps we are taking as a band.

Given the different corps within our organization – it is imperative training, practicing, and playing be done as “one band” more often than not and Pipe Major Joe Brady will continue this charge. We are not wavering from our mission; competition is a secondary charge of Wake & District and we will continue to see the big picture and build at every opportunity.

Our goal should always be to function as a fully integrated band. If we focus on the larger band, it will only support the growth of the organization, improve our performances, and increase the band’s musical excellence.

The greater good of the band comes first – it is that simple.

2012 will feture a Grade 4 program under the direction of Pipe Major Seamus Russell and a Grade 5 program under the direction of the general band Pipe Major – Joe Brady.

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