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coinsSoldiers of 3rd Brigade Combat Team held their annual Spring Ball on Wednesday, 27 March 2013 at the Raleigh Convention Center.  Members of Wake & District had the honor to perform at this function.  Unit balls are an opportunity for Soldiers of all ranks to come together, share unit traditions and allow their spouses to meet the people with whom they work and deploy; it is a way for officers and noncommissioned officers to get together and share traditions.

Unit balls are rich with tradition and formalities.  

In the ballroom, tables were set for guests to sit and enjoy their meals and drinks, with one table set as the place of honor. This table was left empty to honor Soldiers who fell in combat and were not able to join their comrades for dinner. The empty table has a full setting with a glass and a plate. The plate has salt to represent the tears of their loved ones and a slice of lemon to represent their bitter sacrifice. A red ribbon is tied around the glass to symbolize the blood that fallen Soldiers sacrificed.

Wake and District was proud to be a part of the tradition by closing out our performance with a resounding rendition of the United States Army theme — the Caissons Go Rolling Along…



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