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The leprechaun dust is settling and we are picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves off from what was an another amazing St. Patrick’s Day here in the 919.  From parades to pubs, sidewalks to tents we created quite the raucous everywhere we went; our presence was an overwhelming force every time we struck up the pipes and drums.  To all of our band members – your level of devotion is simply brilliant.  Keep on shinning and loving what we do.

It was different without Tir Na nOg.  Not sad, just different.  To our dear friend Annie Nice (who we adore beyond words) – THANK YOU for keeping Raleigh green.   It gets better and better in the 919 because of you and your love for the Irish culture — and we are humbled to be in your service.

To every band member who participated, every family member who came out to support us, all of our old friends and so many new friends – THANK YOU.   We hope everyone enjoyed our gift of music, heritage and camaraderie.

The fog of Brigadoon has officially lifted and it’s time to continue celebrating 10 years together as Wake and District.  Thank you for tuning in to our St Patrick’s Day broadcast. We now return you to your regularly scheduled life.  Thank you for your continued support.



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