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In a ceremony Tuesday at the State Highway Patrol Training Academy, Colonel Bill Grey, SHP commander, recognized Wake and District with the Colonel’s Appreciation Award on behalf of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol.  Department of Public Safety Secretary Frank Perry was on hand to present the awards. Here is the write-up from the Colonel:

In 2006 Wake and District Public Safety Pipes and Drums (W&D) played a graduation event for the N.C. State Highway Patrol and have been playing graduations, promotional ceremonies and special events ever since.

W&D consist of members of law enforcement, fire, EMS, military active, reserve, and retired, as well as civilians who have a heart toward public safety and want to give back to the men and women who give so much. W&D is a nonprofit organization whose main focus is to honor our fallen and provide service to the families of fallen men and women of public safety. W&D members honored Trooper’s Demuth and Stocks after the tragic events that took their lives.

W&D member’s, have a passion for what they do and the public safety community they serve. W&D has been not just ambassadors to public safety but ambassadors for the patrol, always being happy to assist at a moment’s notice.

“I do not consider them just friends but a part of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol family,” Colonel Grey said.

Wake and District has set out from the beginning to do the right things for the right reasons.  We are simply HUMBLED to be recognized by North Carolina State Highway Patrol – and HONORED to be a part of their family.




Remarks by Secretary Frank Perry
SHP Awards Ceremony
Nov. 21, 2014

Whoever chose the title of these awards knew what they were doing.  Lt. Clayton, do you know the history of those awards?  I don’t want to put you on the spot, but you probably had something to do with it – and the command staff.  Just think about the title of the awards going to these sworn civilians and citizens as well.

The first, of course, is Meritorious – Those of us know that we’re not born with merit.  We either earn it or those of us who are longing to be more spiritual know that it’s a notion of grace.

The second award, the Samaritan Award – you know the story of the Samaritan – and indeed as the commander indicated, it’s beyond the call of duty work – it’s doing things that may not be lovely or attractive or have an immediate positive result, but they are those things quietly done for those least fortunate, for those in darkest need. The Samaritan Award

The Humanitarian Award – Yes, I did some undergraduate work at Wake Forest.  The first year I don’t remember, but I got better as time went ahead.  The motto of Wake Forest University is Pro Humanitate – for humanity, and that’s what the humanitarian award is – someone, some lady, some gentleman in this fine agency did something for humanity.

Lastly, it’s for the citizens: The Appreciation Award – I was told years ago by a kind professor who was a marine – the commander says I always get in a marine story – but this marine- slash- PhD from Duke, said,” Perry, always remember the greatest debt we owe is the debt of gratitude…appreciation.  It’s your fourth award.

I just want to commend this agency, which is the best of the best – I don’t blink when I say that:  You are – and within the best of the best, you have people who do not see this as a job, they see it as the next step: duty.  But many see it as the next step:  a calling.

And then we have those – I’m sorry Commissioner Baker isn’t here, he had a prior commitment, conflict.  I wanted to tease him being from Oklahoma he would not understand this word:  supererogatory act.  It is an act beyond job duty, calling – it’s again what Scriptures call no greater love – it is beyond that duty, beyond that call.  Ladies and gentlemen, no training, no resume, no rank, no certification, grants supererogatory act.  It comes from inside.  It comes from a sense of active concern for other people.

If these awards were sought they have no value.  They are bestowed, and they are bestowed by a grateful governor,  a grateful servant like myself – I’m here and I’m out, but you’re here for a long term and these awards are from a great and grateful commander, command staff and peers and lastly citizens of this great state who I know this agency is the backbone of it.

So again, we often say it at graduations, we often say it on occasions like this – but you put the meaning of those four awards – Meritorious, Samaritan, Humanitarian and Appreciation – with the state motto, you get something very powerful, very genuine:  To be rather than to seem.

And these individuals receiving these awards today didn’t seem to be so, they are so.

I commend you, I commend the family members who are so proud of you, and I would ask that you see  this as a grateful organization and  you join the ranks of many before and many who will follow – of people who did not seem to be of integrity, you are.

Thank you for your kind attention.




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