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PLEASE NOTE – the 2017 indoor contest was cancelled.

On behalf of the Mike Murphy Memorial community – we are proud to announce our Inaugural Indoor Pipe Band Competition in Raleigh, NC-USA on Saturday, 23 July 2016 starting at 12:00 pm.  The contest will take place indoors at the Ravenscroft School – Fine Arts Theatre (7409 Falls of Neuse Road, Raleigh NC-USA).  This campus is alcohol and tobacco free.  An after-party will take place at The Piper’s Tavern just down the road.

The competition is sanctioned by the Eastern Unites States Pipe Band Association; all events will be held within the rules and regulations of the EUSPBA.  All competing bands must be registered with the EUSPBA or an affiliated organization.  A format change has been approved by the EUSPBA; bands will perform in a “concert formation” on a stage, facing the judges and audience.  Stage size and layout information will be provided so bands can rehearse accordingly.  There will be no opening or closing “massed bands”.

Judges include: Sandy Jones and June Hanley for piping,
Jon Quigg for drumming and Andrew Hoinacki for ensemble.

In addition to the EUSPBA required selections for odd days (G3 Medley and G4 M/S/R) bands will also be afforded the opportunity to play their alternate selections.  G5 will only perform a QMM.  You will be requested to submit complete tune lists for announcement and program purposes.  Prize monies will be awarded to the G5 QMM winners, G4 Medley and M/S/R winners and the G3 M/S/R and G3 Medley winners.  The “winning” G4 and G3 bands of the day will be based on composite scores from both selections and will receive keepsake pint glasses.   Composite awards will also be presented for best drum section and best mid-section in each grade.


For more information about this topic, please contact Martina Murphy by calling 703.407.3880 or sending an e-mail to Murphy@raleighpipeband.com

This event is being held in partnership with Raleigh’s Pipe Band,
the Wake and District Public Safety Pipes and Drums.

To be remembered is to live on.

THANK YOU to the Bands who registered.  Here is the order of play:

12:05 – Wake and District Pipe Band
12:15 – Jamestown Pipes and Drums
12:25 – Charleston Pipe Band
12:35 – Knoxville Pipes and Drums

12:50 – Loch Norman Pipe Band
1:00 – Atlanta Pipe Band
1:10 – Wake and District Pipe Band
1:20 – North Carolina State University Pipes and Drums
1:30 – Charleston Pipe Band

1:45 – Atlanta Pipe Band
1:55 – Grandfather Mountain Highlanders Pipe Band
2:10 – Wake and District Pipe Band

2:25 – North Carolina State University Pipes and Drums
2:35 – Loch Norman Pipe Band
2:45 – Wake and District Pipe Band
2:55 – Atlanta Pipe Band
3:05 – Charleston Pipe Band

3:20 – Grandfather Mountain Highlanders Pipe Band
3:30 – Wake and District Pipe Band
3:40 – Atlanta Pipe Band

In addition to the two piping, 1 drum and 1 ensemble judge — there will be a mid-section judge providing comments for the bands.

Awards will be presented for best aggregate winner of the day in each grade, along with best DRUM section in each grade as well as best MID section in each grade.



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