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2Competing band members met Saturday, 06 April 2013 (National Tartan Day) ramping up towards our season opener at the Loch Norman Highland Games on Saturday, 20 April 2013.   All day long we spent time analyzing, correcting, and improving individual and collective technique, timing, execution, expression, and overall musicality.  With the guidance of our G4 Pipe Major Ken McKeveny >> throughout the practice session items being worked on were detectably better than when we started and we left the day knowing we can always take the opportunity to be better than the last time.

To the members of both the G4 and G5 groups — we are making positive developments on the items we are working on and should feel more confident realizing we’re going to have to do this every time we practice from now on.

Photos from the rehearsals can be seen here.

A brief preview of our G4 Medley can be seen below:



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