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PottsMichaelL-Trooper Michael Potts of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol is alive and wants to go back to work after being shot 4 times on 18 February 2013; truly embodying the “Not Today” mindset — every day, on every shift. With regards to media coverage of Trooper Potts being shot… He was shot, they say, during a ‘routine traffic stop.’ Of course, there was nothing routine about it. Just as there was nothing routine about the way Raleigh Police Detective Tom Crabtree was killed. Or the traffic stop in which NCSHP Trooper Isaac Moore was killed. It goes on. The list of names is too long. Nothing about any of their deaths was ‘routine.’

The word only applies in the broader sense of what the men and women who serve in law enforcement do. They routinely put themselves in harm’s way for our benefit.

Thoughts and prayers on a speedy recover Trooper Potts.

Job well done to all the Law Enforcement Professionals who had a part in bringing this (insert your expletive here) to justice.



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