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On Monday, 30 November 2015 members of the Wake and District Pipe Band were honored to participate in the stately ceremony for the promotion of 45 members of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol.  We’re honored to be a part of the established traditions of our State Highway Patrol — and we congratulate these freshly minted leaders of the organization.  Law enforcement professionals are ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances and acting with courage, honor, and self-sacrifice.  Pray for them.

RALEIGH Gov. Pat McCrory took part in a promotion ceremony for 45 employees of the State Highway Patrol held Nov. 30 at the Summit Church on Blue Ridge Road.

“You are protecting all of us and our society,” McCrory said. “It takes a rare individual to come up in the dead of night to a strange car, to a strange situation, and having no idea what will happen next. In doing so you are always professional, always respecting the laws and always respecting the uniform. I just want to say I never under-appreciate you. I want to thank you – and your families for allowing you to do it.”

N.C. Department of Public Safety Secretary Frank Perry said to those being promoted, “Today, you will reaffirm your oath. I want you to be rededicated to the spirit of the words of that oath. The governor took that oath, the chief justice took it, the commander took it, I have taken it. I want you to be rededicated to the calling that that oath embodies, the calling never to abuse your power, the calling to never take your duties casually.”

Chief Justice Mark Martin of the State Supreme Court asked the members of the State Highway Patrol who were being promoted to raise their right hands as he administered the oath of office:

Do you solemnly swear that you will support the Constitution of the United States; that you will be faithful and bear true allegiance to the State of North Carolina and to the constitutional powers and authorities which are and may be established for the government thereof; that you will endeavor to support, maintain and defend the constitution of said state not inconsistent with the Constitution of the United States; that you will be alert and vigilant to enforce the criminal laws of this state; that you will not be influenced in any manner on account of personal bias or prejudice; and that you will faithfully and impartially execute the duties of your office as major/captain/lieutenant/first sergeant/sergeant of the State Highway Patrol according to the best of your skills and abilities and judgment, so help you God.

Five civilian employees were also promoted and recognized.




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