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On Saturday, March 25, 2011 a group of dedicated band members journeyed to Aberdeen, NC to participate in the 2nd Annual Palustris Festival . Presented by the Arts Council of Moore County, Convention & Visitor’s Bureau of Pinehurst, Southern Pines & Aberdeen Area, and PineStraw Magazine, the second annual Palustris Festival presenedt a variety of events showcasing the visual, literary and performing arts in Moore County and the band was honored to participate.

The word palustris (pronounced puh-LUS-tris) is from the Latin name of the Longleaf Pine and was chosen for this event because of its unique connection to Moore County. One visit to our area and you can’t miss the influence of the Longleaf Pine. Even the names of our towns, like Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Pinebluff and Whispering Pines, give you a sense of this special connection. In fact, Moore County is home to one of the largest stands of virgin longleaf pine forests in the country (160 acres in the Weymouth Woods-Sandhills Nature Preserve called the Boyd Round-Timber Tract), which is also home to the oldest living longleaf pine tree known in the world at more than 460 years old.

This gig also marked the last time Mike Bishop – our band manager and a founding band member – played the tenor drum as he is now officially a member of the pipe section; WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE MICHAEL! To commemorate the moment we took the top head from Mike’s tenor drum and gave it to him while crushing the drum over his head (no animals were harmed in the taking of this photograph).

A BIG THANK YOU to the band members who came out to play thi$ gig for the band – adding to what has already been another marathon week of piping and drumming. See y’all next time!




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