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Music from the pipes and drums breathe a sense of passion and pride to those who hear it.  From funerals, to competitions or stage performances with the likes of the Raleigh Symphony Orchestrathe Chieftains or the Piano Guys — we strive to balance the requirements of our performances with the skill level  of our players.  Here are our tunes:

  • Amazing Grace
  • Castle Dangerous
  • Cullen Bay

  • Crags of Tumbledown Mountain + At Long Last
  • Scotland the Brave + Rowan Tree
  • Green Hills + Battle’s O’er + Balmoral
  • O’Sullivan’s March + Jean Mauchline
  • Dr. JG Hunter of Aultbea
  • The Mason’s Apron

Band QMM:

  • Shoals of Herring
  • Farewell to Nigg
  • Pipe Major JK Cairns

Band Medley:

  • Macgregor of Rora
  • Old Wife of the Mill Dust
  • The Duck
  • The Classical Bob
  • Highland Harry
  • Sleepy Maggie
  • Silver Spear

Grade 3 MSR:

  • The Clan MacRae Society
  • Arniston Castle
  • Alick C. McGregor

Grade 3 Medley:

  • Sam O’Rye
  • The Big Move and Alister Hanning
  • The Terror Time
  • Catain Colin Campbell and Spitfire
  • Pretty Corrine