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With St. Patrick’s Day behind us we are now focusing on our competition season opener at the Loch Norman Highland Games on Saturday 12, April 2014.  In addition to competing in G4 and G5 at the games, we’ve been asked to be the duty band for the games on Sunday the 13th.  The band is very excited to once again debut 2 new medleys – our G4 “Protect and Serve” Medley and our G5 Quick March “Fortitude” Medley.  We’ve changed up leadership a bit for the 2014 season…  Our G4 will once again be under the direction of Pipe Major Ken McKeveny with lead tip Patrick’ O’Leary while our G5 is under the leadership of Pipe Major Alan Armstrong and lead tip Nicholas Martin.

We like it alot – and we hope you will as well…

Wake and District G4 band – Pipe Major Ken McKeveny, Lead Tip Patrick O’Leary


Wake and District G5 Band – Pipe Major Alan Armstrong, Lead Tip Nicholas Martin




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