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in the circleThe band’s Grade 4 pipers and drummers had a marathon practice session the weekend of April 7th with our instructor, Ken McKeveney.  Several ‘moments of brilliance’ in the circle – especially with the marches.  There is always room for improvement as we ramp up towards the Loch Norman Highland Games on April 21st and beyond.  As we continue to work on keeping the big stuff clean & consistent, we focus on the all the details which elevate our playing.

The band’s Grade 5 pipers and drummers (who make their debut at Loch Norman this year) also practiced today and focused on control and competence:

  • For the fingers, its execution.
  • For the mind, its expression and control.
  • For the body its posture and muscle independence.
  • For the instrument, its proper maintenance, tuning, and tone. 



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