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On Saturday, April 17th the band took to the field against 8 other bands at the Loch Norman Highland games and won FIRST PLACE (1,1,2,1) and received an “Above Grade Level” on the performance. Congratulations to all of the band members who have been practicing hard leading up to the games.


Additionally, several individual members will be competed solo including Melissa Fox-Jones (2nd Place), Joe Harwell (4th Place), Sky Baer (2nd Place) and Jacob Egen (3rd Place). Debbie Hahn and the folks Rural Hill once again done a fantastic job of organizing these games and were excited at our 4th venture out as a band and of course our FIRST PLACE FINNISH.

Photos by mOg can be seen here.

Photos by verO can be seen here.

Here is another video of the QMM from the rear of the band.

Read more about the band’s competition program here



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