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In the words of our Pipe Major’s instructor, the late Dave McKee Sr. “…it’s a hard instrument to learn, it really is. You’re going to be a part of hundreds of years of piping history and we don’t want you to let down that tradition…”.  Take pride – your preserving a long, colorful tradition.  As a band, we have to keep the band going — and the only way to do that is to perpetuate the band by bringing in new students.  

CONGRATULATIONS to our 5 newest pipers — Antonio Raynor, Scott Munn, Ashby Spratley, Silas Wells and Brian Wells on making it through an 18+ month crucible — learning the practice chanter and bagpipes then bringing them together to play and pass your audition process.  It’s not easy, but now you a part of our tradition.

We LOVE the music – it’s the greatest music in the world.    You’re now members of the band – piping the tunes of glory.

In the words of Captain Han Solo — don’t get cocky. 

Welcome to the band.



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