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Wake & District was well represented at the Grandfather Mountain Highland games on Saturday, 10 July 2010. Thank you to all the band members who came out to represent the band (Warren Hinson, Josh Hinson, Chris Mogensen, Joe Brady, Chris Brady and Melissa Fox-Jones) along with all the family and friends of the band; it truly is a magnificent event.


The events today culminated a week of band camp for Melissa Fox-Jones resulting in TWO THIRD PLACE MEDALS for her 6/8 and QMM flourishing tenor competition events << CONGRATULATIONS Melissa!!!

mog1.jpgChris Mogensen threw his back out on Friday night (ask him how) and found some comfort in a custom made pint glass (pictured above) which he must keep full of coke and rum for the coming days…

Jacob Egen was supposed to have been with us, but he sprained his wrist at Boy Scout camp — delaying his trip to the mountains for band camp by one week. Have a good time Jake!



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