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Competing members of Wake & District are gearing up for this weekend’s Scotland County Games. The band will be represented on the field by solo players as well as our Grade 4 and Grade 5 bands; this is our final competition of the season.

JohnBlueHouse2These Highland Games will be held Saturday, October 5th on the grounds of the John Blue Home and Historical Complex in Laurinburg. This site contains the John Blue Home and several other historic Scottish-American homesteads as well as a working ante-bellum cotton gin, and a general store. The games site provides an immersion into the Scottish-American historical experience of this region. Local hotels and restaurants will offer Scottish-inspired Southern hospitality to welcome you to Laurinburg and Scotland County, North Carolina.

Band competitions will include:

  • Grade V – Savannah, Palmetto, Wake and District, Jamestown, Greater Richmond, and North Atlanta
  • Grade IV – NC State University, Upstate United, City of Chattanooga, Wake and District, Jamestown, Loch Norman, and Nashville
  • Grade III – St. Andrews University, Greater Richmond, and Atlanta

For more information on the Scotland County Games and the events taking place throughout the weekend please visit their website @ www.schgnc.org



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