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On Sunday, 22 August 2010 band members along with family and friends – journeyed to Tir Na nOg for a “farewell for now” party for Annie and Roxie Nice. After the loss of both of her sons (Andrew and Christopher), Annie has resolved herself to leave Raleigh and make Belgium her new home. While we will miss her terribly we simply wish her the peace she deserves. Without Annie, Wake & District would not be who we are or where we are today. In honor of everything she has done for the band, Joe Brady composed a tune in tribute to Annie >> the tune is RESOLUTION:

res•o•lu•tion [rez-uh-loo-shuh n] in musical terms the progression of a part or of the harmony as a whole from a dissonance to a consonance. This tune was composed in honor of a dear friend who is stronger than most and full of resolve and determination in the face of the most discordant of times.

Annie and Roxanne Nice, your loving friends – the Wake & District Public Safety Pipes & Drums of Raleigh, North Carolina, USA wish you the best on your next journey; wherever it takes you may it bring you harmony. Slán Abhaile from the Old North State.

>> Photos from the mOg clan can be seen here.



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