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One of the principle themes in the television series  House of Cards is the timelessness/harmony duality. This ends up being one of the major wedges contributing to the friction between characters.

This wedge can apply to a band as well – sections fighting one another.

“Nothing’s permanent, not even this building. Harmony, that’s the word that’s stuck in my mind. It’s not about what’s lasting or permanent; it’s about individual voices coming together for a moment. And that moment lasts the length of a breath.”

Our G3 Pipe Major, Ken McKeveny has always referred to this kind of harmony as “moments of brilliance”.

Our Drum Sergeant reminds us all to close our eyes and listen to the way each section compliments the tunes being played; E\especially the mid section. Think of the whole presentation and feel the music.

Here is some Life-Hack info on keeping harmony in your own life…

Everybody in this world has one common goal: to live a harmonious life. Yes, every person may have a different view of his or her future, but all of them have a single, common target.

Some work hard to live a rich and financially stable life while some don’t regard money as an important factor in order to be happy. Some people love to live in the big city and enjoy the rush of the busy lifestyle while others prefer the quiet mornings of the countryside. No matter how diverse every single person’s goal is, they all have one thing in common: the desire to live a harmonious life.

Now, living harmoniously is not an easy thing to achieve. Some may have all the material things they want but they don’t feel the harmony and peace they have hoped for. And there is a reason for that: living harmoniously does not necessarily mean having all the material things you need, but rather having your emotional and psychological needs met.

4 Dos To Live A Harmonious Life…

1. Have respect and be open-minded

Some people have difficulty trying to live a harmonious life mainly because they think too much about how others live their lives. And if the people around them don’t agree with how they view certain things, these people get bothered and stressed.

A fine example would be how people who don’t exactly agree with same-sex relationships get so bothered and so upset with having gay people around them. These instances get them so bothered that they ruin the way they view the world. Having respect and being open-minded can help them with this.

Think of the saying: “Live and let live.” Remember that life is a choice and that is how they choose to live their life. Just respect their choices, and even if you don’t agree, try to be more open-minded about these people. Don’t just hate them outright — in all honesty, it bothers you more that you hate them rather than it bothers them.

When you try to understand and employ mutual respect to people whose way of lives don’t agree with how you think one should live, it wouldn’t be much of a nagging thought at the back of your mind and it will remove the worries you have.

2. Compassion is key

When one wants to live a harmonious life, all it takes is a bit of heart and loads of understanding.

This is especially true when it comes to people living in the metro. Sometimes the way of life in the city is so fast and so busy that you really forget to think about others, and just want things to go your way.

When you drive and a really slow person crosses the street, you honk at that person because he or she is taking so much time from you. You are not really thinking about the fact that that person might have a slight limp or is having difficulty walking. You don’t really think about how distressing it might be for that person to have a car honk at him or her really loudly.

This step is all about taking a walk in that person’s shoes. When you get annoyed or angry at another person, when you want to lash out at people because they’re taking too long at doing their jobs or that old lady who spilled her tea on you, try putting yourself in their shoes. Think about what that person might be going through. Maybe that old lady who spilled her tea had rheumatism, and her joints are shaking; maybe that cashier had a sick son back at home and is distracted at her job.

A little less anger and a little more circumspection will help you avoid anger, and have peace inside you.

Once you can achieve peace within yourself, you are a step closer in your goal to live a harmonious life.

3. It’s all about perspective

In trying to live a harmonious life, most people think that it has to be about getting as much money as possible. They feel like they have to get richer for their future security. What they don’t realize though, is that they work so hard to try to get richer that there comes a time when they realize that what they did is just really to save money for their retirement. When they’re retired, they don’t even have the energy to enjoy life more.

So what should you do?

Do a 180-degree turn on your perspective.

Always think that your time here on earth is short so you should not completely fill your days with worries about the future. Save for the rainy days, but don’t forget to live life one day at a time.

Try to appreciate the smaller things in life.

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to watch the sun rise? Or did you ever sit on the roof of your house and just watch the stars twinkle at night? These may be very simple things, but these are the things that make you appreciate what a wonderful world you actually live in, and how much of its beauty you take for granted. This is one fundamental secret in order to live a harmonious life.

4. Keep the people that know and value you and ignore those who don’t

If you’re the type of person who values other people’s opinion, change your habit and don’t take advice from just anyone. Always remember that in making life decisions,

Those who matter don’t mind but those who mind don’t matter.

This means that those people that you value the most will not criticize your life decisions because they are the people who know and understand you the most. On the other hand, those people who criticize the way you live to the point of antagonizing you are not worth minding. So to live a harmonious life, you should ignore those who are stupid enough to criticize you and value the opinion of the people who know and have stuck with you through thick and thin and know you inside out.

3 Don’ts To Live A Harmonious Life…

1. Dont criticize to destroy

Instead, criticize to build. When you want to live a harmonious life, and when you want others to have the same, don’t be a floating ball of negativity.

If you want to criticize or give your opinion to someone regarding something they do, always do so to help them improve, and phrase it in such a way that it would be more positive.

Never give your opinion just for the sake of putting them down.

Always remember that what you may be telling that person might destroy his or her fighting spirit permanently. When you try to be more positive about life, it gives you a lighter feeling and a worry-free mind. This helps you focus on other things that are more important — or focus more on your happiness all in all.

2. Dont listen to other people’s opinions on how you should live your life

Most of the time, people like to talk. And they will grab every opportunity to do so, going as far as to tell you how to live your life. And you, on the other hand, would try to please them and deprive yourself from doing what you really want. As a result, you stop yourself from doing the things that make you happy. You become miserable, asking yourself whether you should have been happier if you did things your way.

So, never let other people dictate your life.

As long as what you will do won’t hurt anyone, do it. Want to go cliff diving? Want to try bunjee jumping? Go ahead. No one is stopping you. Never confine your happiness to the opinion of others. Always remember: It’s your life, not theirs.

3. Dont worry too much

Worrying is just something that will stress you out and not do anything to solve your problems. Just because you are the most stressed-out person in your office doesn’t mean that you’re the most hardworking or efficient employee. It just means you have poor work and time management.

What you should do when you have a big problem is not worry about it. Instead, take a step back, dispel all the worries, and try to think logically how to solve it.

By doing so, you can avoid experiencing stress and become more efficient. This is a simple step but perhaps one of the most important steps to living a more harmonious life.

Admittedly, to live a harmonious life is not an easy thing to achieve.

It takes a lot of mental and psychological shifts. But once you are able to do these paradigm shifts, you will be able to look at life a little better. Always remember that life is a gift and a ride — you can either grab the rails on the train and enjoy the ride or spend the rest of your life chasing after that seemingly elusive happiness and harmony.

7 Life Hacks: How To Live A Harmonious Life



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