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Hard work.  Members of Wake and District  preach a lot about hard work.  Always posting and writing about it.  A lot of people work hard.  But they don’t get where they want to go.  We fall into the trap of sometimes life isn’t  fair – and the reality hard work won’t turn us into the Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band.

Since our formation in 2006 — we’ve realized we have two options: work hard – systematically go after the things you want – or – complain and hope things change.  There’s nothing more constant than change.  So, don’t confuse success with winning. Set the tone for success.  Help your band go after things you want and push no matter the circumstances.

Hard work is the currency of success — HARD WORK IS never-ending.  The harder we have to work, the greater the stakes, and the scarier it all becomes; exciting, but scary.  Don’t get caught up in “we’re only as good as our last run” or “we won”.  We may be pulled in many different directions and our priorities may need to change frequently.  What really matters is how we manage to come together when we need to and in the ways we need to.  The band’s harmony in the moments which demand will depend on our nimble and adaptive skills.

We need to work hard to continue to deliver. The second you’re not hungry or hustling – you don’t matter.  Play or do not play. Hard work keeps us good, it is our competitive advantage. We rehearse to be the best – we hustle, we work. We don’t walk in with instant success.  We have goals and keep the mission on the horizon — the advantage is to never lose this mindset.

All life is either moving forward and evolving or shrinking back and dying.  Systematically cut-away and move forward with the understanding expectations are not always met.  When goals are not met we have two additional choices:

  1. Systematically, aggressively, go after your goal through hard work and hustle.
  2. Blame the judges, other bands, players in your band, the weather, the rules, your gear, the other band’s honey badger and it’s feisty attitude, whatever.

There are no “secrets” to success. Success is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

With all this saidwe are elated to begin 2016 — celebrating 10 years under our kilts.

We’ve got news for you…
the honey badger doesn’t care.




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