Wake & District remains focused on future achievement, despite all of our past accomplishments. We take great pride in all our endeavors and realize there is always a higher level of excellence to be won. We strive to be humble and grateful for our members, our collective talents and hard work, and the opportunities we have to perform and grow. Our members share strong bonds beyond the competition circle, fostering relationships with other members of the team; allowing us to flourish as an organization and allows us to continue to move forward.

Our organization fields three competition groups – each with different levels of ability. While individual band members compete in all levels, the band competes in Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 at events sanctioned by the Eastern United States Pipe Band Association. Our Grade 3 group is under the direction of Pipe Major Ken McKevney – a piping professional and EUSPBA judge — alongside our drumming instructor Tom Foote and lead tip — Billy BC Gehringer.

Band members continue to work together to accomplish common goals, both on the field and off. While we focus on our goals in competition, we recognize our duty within the community to be in service and perpetuate the art form. Our teaching programs are thriving, and we continually focus on cultivating new players as a means of keeping the art form alive. We welcome individuals who already play pipes or drums and are interested in joining a success-driven group of like-minded musicians. WE CANNOT READ MINDS, so if you wish to become a part of our group – do not hesitate to contact us.

The band and our members regularly participate in one on one lessons, clinics and workshops with Ken McKevney and Tom Foote of Tom Foote School of Drumming.  G3 Mid-Section scores composed by Andrew Hoinacki of AR2 Drumming.

2016 CONTESTS the band will be attending…

  • Smoky Mountain Highland Games
  • Murphy Indoor (Raleigh)
  • Charleston Games
  • Celtic Classic
  • Stone Mountain Games
  • Richmond Games

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