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We’re back at it — working Dominic Tancredi – the owner of  Woodshed Stage Art on the production of new bass drum heads for 2015.  What you will see this time is CHROME!!!  We took a nod from the  78th FRASER HIGHLANDERS PIPE BAND mirrored bass drum and the classic Drum Shield design — and used our FoF sheild with pin-striping.  Another larger watermarked FoF logo is prominently displayed.   Working with Dominic has been fantastic – responsive to all of our needs.  Woodshed has done this kind of work before for the likes of Sir Elton John, Taylor Swift, Jay Z, Mary Blige, Bruno Mars and the LA SCOTS pipe band…just to name a few.

Our logo is made up from the letters F-O-F, For Our Fallen, making the shape of a shield. The checkered Battenburg pattern is traditional and worn by the band members (read more on why we wear checkered Glengarry hats here). The mark represents everything Wake & District stands for, “For Our Fallen”.

#AllAboutTheBass #ForOurFallen



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