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Firefighters from across the United States of America gathered together this weekend at the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial in Maryland.  This is an annual gathering honoring those brothers (and sisters) we mourn; celebrating brotherhood.  If you were to take a firefighter and strip them of their badge, remove their turnout gear, peel their skin back, and remove the organs – the brotherhood is that small fire that continues to burn inside of them.  That small fire cannot be extinguished, cannot be contained, and cannot be taken away. It is what makes these brave men and women firefighters and they should never let personal feelings hamper their decision to help another “brother”.  This brotherhood burns even brighter for those who serve and also have chosen to play the pipes and drums.   Playing the pipes and drums is how we honor our fallen; no spoken words – just music burning dignity and solemnity into the soul.  

This year firefighters (and pipers and drummers) from across North Carolina had the opportunity to come together in fraternal fellowship to honor our fallen comrades.  Although we work for different agencies, wear different uniforms and play different instruments and tunes in different bands – brotherhood binds us together FOR OUR FALLEN.



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