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Band Manager (Joe Brady) shall be the chief executive officer of the Band and shall administer and oversee all business affairs of the Band. The Band Manager may appoint personnel or committees deemed necessary for the efficient and proper handling of all Band business. The Band Manager shall preside at all Band meetings, to include regular Band meetings, Band business meetings and Band Board meetings. The Band Manager shall notify members of upcoming Band business, meetings and engagements in a timely manner. The Band Manager, in cooperation with the Assistant Band Manager, shall be responsible for managing the engagement schedule of the Band.  To preserve the unique spirit and mission of the band – the Band Manager shall be an active or retired member of the public safety community or United States Armed Services.

Assistant Band Manager (Lindsey Kosydar) shall serve as the Vice President of the Band and will upon the absence, incapacitation, or dismissal of the Band Manager, fulfill the obligations of the Band Manager until the return of the Band Manager.  The Assistant Band Manager shall maintain and publish an up to date member roster. The Assistant Band Manager shall work with the Band Manager to administer the engagement schedule of the Band. Any additional duties of the Assistant Band Manager shall include those duties which the Band Manager appoints or delegates as the Band Manager deems necessary.  The Assistant Band Manager shall be responsible for keeping a record of band attendance for all practices and engagements.

Band Treasurer (John Schodtler)  will oversee all financial matters of Band business. The Band Treasurer shall collect and distribute Band funds at the direction of the Band Board of Directors. The Band Treasurer shall render a financial report at each regular business meeting and shall submit a written annual financial report from the previous fiscal year to the general membership, to include a complete accounting report of the previous year’s fund allocation and expenditures. The Band Treasurer shall be in charge of all Band funds and, in times of emergency, shall have a certain degree of discretion in the handling of funds – however, the Band Treasurer shall not spend more than $500.00 without approval of the Band Board of Directors. The Band Treasurer shall be responsible for all Band fundraising activities and shall delegate such activities as is deemed necessary.

Band Secretary (Lloyd Johnson) shall keep a record of the minutes and proceedings of all regular Band meetings and Band Board meetings, as well as all other matters necessary for the efficient operation of the band. The Band Secretary shall make available any regular band meeting minutes or Band Board meeting minutes to those members that request them. The Band Secretary shall receive, record, and handle all band correspondence and advise the Band Board of Directors of same.

Member-At-Large (Seth Wells) will assist the Band Board of Directors with the execution of its duties…and faithfully seek to represent general membership of the band at board meetings.