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3On Saturday, 31 August 2013 band members headed to the Great Meadow in  The Plains, VA for their 40th Annual Scottish Games and Festival.  Our members stayed the course throughout a fierce day battling high heat and humidity in addition to our competitions.   Raleigh’s pipe band — Wake and District was well represented on the solo boards and in the circle. Congrats to Garrett Justice on a 2nd in Piob and 3rd in March.  Congrats also to Ian McKeveny competing for the first time on his side drum.

Our Grade 5 band placed 1st (1,1,1,2) and our Grade 4 band placed 2nd (2,2,1,2) — beat out by the DelMar pipe band by 1 point.  We should all be very proud of the program.  The band is a sum of all parts.  Thank you to all to our members for their continued drive and commitment — never losing site of what we do and why we do.

The weekend was a first for several players joining us both on the field for massed bands and in the circle competing; the kool-aide is quite refresting.  The games also marked a milestone for the McKeveny family having 3 generations on the field together; Drum Major John McKeveny, Pipe Major Ken McKeveny and side-drummer Ian McKeveny.

Photos from the games (taken by band member Ashby Spratley) can be seen here.

Our next swing at bat is for our G4 players at the Celtic Classic on 28 September, followed by the season closer for everyone on 05 October in Scotland County!



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