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When is the last time you were in a parade?  Like actually in the parade itself?  Marching down the street smiling and waving at the crowds along the route as you enjoy the music of the marching band…  For us it was yesterday as we marched from the site of the shuttered Tir Na nOg building on Blount Street to it’s new home at 108 East Hargett Street — next door to the London Bridge.  As we slowly marched around the block and into the garden of the London Bridge and the new Tir Na nOg  — we thought “Life needs to be more like a big parade!”

You see when you are in a parade like that it is impossible not to be totally present in the moment.  Not just physically present, but mentally as well.  You are focused on your surroundings, enjoying the view and smiling and taking in the faces of those around you.  You are fully present in the moment to totally appreciate it in every aspect.

So often in life we are physically present for things but our minds are racing a million other places and worrying about a million other things – we end up mentally somewhere completely different then our physical body is at any given moment.  It’s like we are constantly disconnected from ourselves.  When we allow that to happen we literally miss the actual moments we are living in because we were mentally somewhere else.

We need to walk through each day as if it is our parade route, smiling and waving to those faces we pass by.  We need to be present, both physically present and mentally present.  We need to focus on each moment and appreciate each step along our own parade route.  We need to hear the music of the pipe band in the air and have that spring in our step as we walk along the route.  We need to enjoy each segment of our life parade.  Laugh.  Smile.  Wave to everyone (wrist, wrist, elbow, elbow – you gotta do the proper parade wave!).  Skip along. Dance at times. March to the beat of the drums.  Throw candy to the crowd.  Make them happy.  Be happy yourself.  Don’t worry about what’s ahead in your parade route – know that it’s just more excited people waiting for you to pass by them so there is no need to be concerned, just focus on what’s around you in that moment!  This is your BIG PARADE!  ENJOY IT!

As we reflect back on the shuttered building on Blound Street – we recognize it’s not the building or the home that will matter – it is the memories we create within the walls of that home which will turn it into a home.  It is the love and the laughter and time that will create those feelings of making this new house a home for us.  And so we will continue working hard to decorate the new house and to hang photos so we can recall those memories from our old home as we walk through the walls of homecoming Queen’s new castle.

Welcome home Annie.

Thanks Amy Rees-Anderson

From Triangle Downtowner Magazine — Tir Na Nog has reopened in its new location on East Hargett Street, just around the corner from its former home of 18 years. Although the interior is smaller than the original, the new place seems somehow more inviting and intimate, and now offers a large outside seating area.

London Bridge and Tir Na nOg partners Michael Ruiz and Darren Bridger Annie Britton-Nice in front of their pubs on Hargett St. in Downtown Raleigh.

When asked about plans for the pub, co-owner Annie Britton-Nice of Camlough, Ireland answered, “For now, we’re serving drinks and good times with live music on special nights.”

According to Annie, a full menu service will be available sometime in December. Until then they’ll be offering catered food service for events and large parties prepared by their chef.

The new nOg is within walking distance of many other downtown hot spots, has a stage for bands, and there’s even a back deck shared with its sister pub, The London Bridge.

Annie is happy with the number of excited new and returning regular patrons during their first week of operation. She expects numbers to grow even more as previous session bands return to play, and when the kitchen is ready for service.

Hours are 5pm to 2am daily, closed Monday and Tuesday with the option to open for private parties.

Tir na nOg Irish Pub
108 Hargett Street



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