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On Thursday, February 28, 2008 the band received a frantic call from PowerSecure of Wake Forest, North Carolina. They were in need of a band to perform on Friday, February 29th as a parachuting team brought the United States flag from the sky at their employee appreciation event – yes…parachutes. The band they hired cancelled on them at the last minute and they requested the assistance of from the members of Wake & District. Although last minute, the band was able to field 7 pipers, 2 sides, a bass drummer and a tenor drummer – large allotment indeed to play, not parachute in kilts.

“Thanks” is not enough for the members who gave up their time to assist PowerSecure with their event and raise $2500 for the band! Yes, $2500. Those members are hear-by presented with the 2nd designated band award “show me the money” uniform ribbon (pictured below).

Band Award

The following band members are hearby awarded the designated band award “show me the money”:
Joe Brady
Sam Baer
Skip Kirkwood
Lloyd Johnson
Paul Ormond
Frank Barber
Robert White
Cameron Jetton
Skye Baer
Joe Harwell
Mike Bishop

This donation will be used to purchase some kilts and drum equipment.



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