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Members of Wake & District are on the road this weekend to Chicago for the 29th Annual Chicago Scottish Games and Highland Festival, being held in Istaca. Our G3 band — along with some soloists — will be competing. Our thanks to the Midwest Pipe Band Association for accommodating our long distance trip — and all the MWPBA bands for their support and encouragement as we make this 806 mile trek.

For a couple of us – this is a trip “home”.  For others (who have never been on a plan before) this is a weekend of firsts.  We will surely post photos, stories and results from the field.   Be sure to check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for updates from the road…

For more information on the games check out >> www.chicagoscots.org/highlandgames<<

It’s been said there are only two mistakes one can make along the road to success – not going all the way, and not starting.  The road to success is not easy to navigate. The members of Wake and District have been fortunate over these past 9 years together – having guidance and support to see us along, help us navigate and drive the work and passion possible to succeed.
So much behind us, so much ahead of us — as is ever so on the road.    

Safe travels to all those attending the games this weekend — and best of luck to all the competitors.


#StayFocused #StayInTune



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