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Why is it so difficult to play on the field like we do in the practice hall?  Whether it’s your brain turning to mush or your hands refusing to cooperate, it often comes down to the same thing: practicing for skill development and practicing for performance are unique and different challenges.

In other words, the way we generally practice does raise the level of our playing from week to week – but doesn’t necessarily translate into results on stage.

Practicing for performance is something altogether different, and if you’d like to get better at the performance side of things, The Bulletproof Musician has put together a free 5-part training series just for Bulletproof subscribers. It’s called Pressure Proof, and will walk you through a series of simple daily drills. We think you’ll find this a helpful way to take the next step towards getting the better of your nerves and becoming more confident, fearless, and bulletproof on stage.

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What will HE cover?

In the next few days, you’ll learn:

1) The three types of practicing you must engage in to feel truly prepared and excited – rather than anxious – about an upcoming performance.

2) Why how good you sound at the end of a practice session is not a great indicator of the quality of your practice session.

3) How effective, efficient practice actually builds bad performance habits. Yes, that’s right – effective practice can make you perform worse (?!).

4) I’ll also invite you to some specialized training, where you can learn the same skills that elite athletes have been using for decades to overcome nerves and perform optimally when it counts.

So if you’ve ever wondered why performances remain hit or miss, even after years (or decades) of practicing, start this 5-day practice challenge today. We think you’ll find the daily exercises not just interesting and helpful, but maybe even a teensy bit fun too.

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