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Good times, Good deeds


As world pipe bands were gathering together in the heartland at Glasgow Green – members of Wake & District were gathering at the heartland of the Raleigh Celtic scene >> Tir Na nOg << to celebrate a simple homecoming. Our dear friend Annie Nice has returned to Raleigh from Ireland and we were honored to be a part of the welcoming home hoopla. To all of our fellow nOggers, thanks for sitting back and enjoying our set and a huge thank you to all those who purchased a band CD last night (Annie sold a few herself). WELCOME HOME to Raleigh Annie – we’re elated to have you back and looking forward to good craic with you and yours in the years to come. Thank you to all the band members who came out to play amid the confusion of where/what time to be; when it came time to call out “by the right, quick, march” everyone was ready – and put on a nice show.

This weekend hundreds of fire-fighters from across the South Atlantic were also in town for the South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo. The band had a booth setup on the expo floor where band-bling was on sale. Special thanks to Mike Bishop and Jason Lane for taking time away from work and family to promote our good deeds raising a few dollars in the process.

Some photos from the evening’s fare can be seen >> here <<

For Our Fallen | Deputy David Jennings Dawson III


It is with great sadness we report the loss of yet another public safety officer in the State of North Carolina. Twenty-One year old Greene County Deputy David Jennings Dawson III was killed in a single vehicle collision (ran off road and struck a tree) in the early hours of 02 August 2011. Reports are that he was responding to a call for assistance. He is the 2nd NC officer to die in a single car wreck since Saturday. To the family, friends and co-workers of Deputy Dawson – we extend our sincere condolences.