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Wake Forest FD Graduation

The band would like to congratulate the members of the Wake Forest Fire Department upon their completion of training and certification as fire fighters for the Town of Wake Forest, North Carolina. Members of the District were honored to have participated in the ceremonies ; a few of our band members were quite thrilled to play with the fire trucks. Again – congratulations to newest and bravest members of the Wake Forest Fire Department!

Photos from the graduation take by Véro can be seen here.



We’re Number 1!!!

As of 12 June 2009 Wake & District Public Safety Pipes and Drums is ranked #1 in Grade V out of 104 pipe bands. Though this is subject to change weekend by weekend throughout the rest of the year – band members are quite proud to say “WE’RE NUMBER 1 in our Grade” at least today.


Congratulations Paddy

Congratulations to piper Pat McArdle on his marriage to Rebekah! Several members of the band were in attendance to celebrate the union. Rebekah…can Paddy come back to band practice now? Thank you to Lloyd Johnson for the photos – more to come.



1st Place in Greenville

Congratulations to all the folks who competed in Greeneville, soloists and band members alike! Still number one… Congratulations also to Alan Armstrong on bringing home the gold in G2 solo piping!

Photos by  Véro can be seen here.



Here is a video from the competition:

Wake Area Bagpipe Bands to Compete this Weekend


Two bagpipe bands from Wake County will compete this weekend at the Greater Greenville Scottish Games and Highland Festival in South Carolina. Wake and District Public Safety Pipes and Drums band is a highly successful grade V band assembled in 2005 by piper Joe Brady, a retired police officer from the City of Chicago. The band took first place in the grade V competition earlier this summer at the Gatlinburg Scottish Festival and Games in Tennessee. Wake and District Public Safety Pipes and Drums band is comprised of both public safety officers and community members.

The North Carolina State University Pipes and Drums grade III band will also compete this weekend. Two N.C. State University graduate students founded the band in 1968 as an all-student group. Since then, NCSU Pipes and Drums band has come to include members of the community. The grade III band is now under the direction of John Sprague, a member of the original all-student band, and pipe major Steven Fisher, originally from Albany, NY and the Schenectady Pipe Band in New York. The grade III band will compete against Charleston Police Pipes and Drums from South Carolina. Grade III bands are more experienced and skilled bands as a whole. Grade V bands are beginner bands, but have experienced and skilled players, as well as beginner players.

Good Luck in Greenville


Good luck to the band members traveling to the Greater Greenville Scottish Games and Highland Festival this coming weekend (June 6, 2009). It will be a bit of a small group with 5 pipers, 3 sides, 2 tenors and a bass – but they will without a doubt play well. The group is partially down-sized from our complete contingent due to band member/piper Pat McArdle getting married the same day (more to be posted on the wedding). Safe travels to all of the competing band members and best of luck to all of you in your solo and band efforts.