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Excellent Job Today

First let me say THANK YOU for the wonderful turnout today. This was one of our finest performances to date. I was honored to march with each and every one of you in the parade. Thanks again to Joe Harwell and his wife for the parking and storage area. There was a Grayson Cave sighting at the parade. It was nice for him to be able to break away from the books for a couple of hours and march with us. We missed Lloyd today, but he was fulfilling the band mission elsewhere.


I understand things went well in the park and at Tir Na Nog. I unfortunately was unable to play in the park due to a prior engagement…..a new born at home that eats about every 3 hours around the clock.

What about that refurbished Bass Drum? John Kilduff sported the new look for us today. Thanks to Annie and Pete from the Tir Na Nog for their generous donation.

The next four kilts are on order. More about that soon.

So an announcement was made today and I am not sure everyone got the message, so I will recap. Joe can correct me if I get anything wrong. The band now has some much needed NCOs. Joe has appointed John Schodtler as a second Pipe Sergeant to assist Bud Barber. Dave Hamelin and Sam Baer were appointed to Pipe Corporal positions. Eric Hahn was named the Senior Pipe instructor. In the drum line, Sterling Cave was appointed as a Drum Corporal and Mike Bishop was appointed Drum Corporal in the Tenor Drum line. We have seen now that all of the help on performance day really makes a difference. I congratulate all of the appointed officers and hope that they will be able to assist Joe and Jamie with their respective duties.

Anyone with pictures or video from today, please get them to Joe so that he can pick a few to put on the website.

Thanks for all you do!

Tony Crawford


Thanks for all you do!!

Tony had to call to cancel our participation in the NC Highway Patrol recruit graduation ceremony for 3-13-08. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough performers to field a band that they are use to having at their graduations.

In anticipation of making the call Tony thought back over the past almost two years, and a couple of things came to mind:

1. This is the first performance we have had to cancel in over 95 scheduled events. We have turned events down because we knew we would not have enough performers, or a conflict existed……but this is the first time I have had to pick up the phone and call to say that we could not make the performance. That’s a pretty good track record, but still doesn’t feel so good to have to make the call.

2. Tony also began to think about the great sacrifice that each and every member of this band has made to make the 94 performances happen. He applaud each and every one of you for your dedication to the band and all of the participation in events near and far. Without your dedication and loyalty to the band we never would have made it this far.

Our contact seemed disappointed that we could not play, but that is a good thing. They have come to look forward to our participation in their graduations. Sgt. Wheeler said that this in no way will prevent them from calling the next time they have a graduation. Matter of fact, he told me their next graduation would be sometime in October of this year.

Thanks for all you do!!

Tony Crawford

Duty Calls

Our band chaplain, Paul Ormond – has been called back to serve his country. Paul is a Captain (Chaplain) in United States Army and his services are needed in Georgia and we will be without him in our ranks for about a year. Paul has been a GREAT band member since joining our ranks last year and we look forward to his safe return. Perhaps there will be a road trip here and there to ensure he is keeping up with practice. We will miss you brother and eagerly anticipate your return to our ranks.


It’s a Boy!!!

Congratulations to our band manager – Tony Crawford – on the birth of his first child (and our newest band member):

Joseph Timothy Rensaler Crawford
Born 2/26/2008
7 lbs 5 ozs
21 and 3/4 inches long

Joseph Timothy Rensaler Crawford

A big gig and big thanks…

On Thursday, February 28, 2008 the band received a frantic call from PowerSecure of Wake Forest, North Carolina. They were in need of a band to perform on Friday, February 29th as a parachuting team brought the United States flag from the sky at their employee appreciation event – yes…parachutes. The band they hired cancelled on them at the last minute and they requested the assistance of from the members of Wake & District. Although last minute, the band was able to field 7 pipers, 2 sides, a bass drummer and a tenor drummer – large allotment indeed to play, not parachute in kilts.

“Thanks” is not enough for the members who gave up their time to assist PowerSecure with their event and raise $2500 for the band! Yes, $2500. Those members are hear-by presented with the 2nd designated band award “show me the money” uniform ribbon (pictured below).

Band Award

The following band members are hearby awarded the designated band award “show me the money”:
Joe Brady
Sam Baer
Skip Kirkwood
Lloyd Johnson
Paul Ormond
Frank Barber
Robert White
Cameron Jetton
Skye Baer
Joe Harwell
Mike Bishop

This donation will be used to purchase some kilts and drum equipment.