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On Friday, 11 September 2015 members of  Wake & District  had the great honor to pipe|drum for the 137th Basic North Carolina State Highway Patrol School graduation.   Our band has the distinct privilege to rehearse at the NCSHP Training Center on Monday, Tuesday and Friday evenings.  According to the cadets — the skirl of the pipes and war beat of the drums is a much appreciated sound at the end of a long days training.

On behalf of the members of our band – we wish North Carolina’s newest troopers all the best in the days, weeks, months and years ahead of them serving the citizen of the old North State.

God speed.

From the North Carolina Department of Crime Control and Public Safety website
19 Cadets Graduate in Highway Patrol Ceremony

RALEIGH — Nineteen State Highway Patrol cadets, who endured 15 weeks of what Colonel Bill Grey called the toughest law enforcement training in the country, became state troopers today during a graduation ceremony in Cary.

Colonel Grey recognized the families who supported and  sacrificed along with the cadets for 15 weeks.  Grey told the cadets to keep those family members close, “and always remember the toughest part is not being a state trooper —– the toughest part is waiting on you to come home safely.

“It goes without saying that as a state trooper you will face many challenges and dangers that will test your courage,” Grey continued. “As we all know and see almost daily, the world can be a very dangerous place where bad things happen. Being a state trooper will require that you have the courage to run towards danger while others are running away; the courage to risk your own life to protect others and the courage to always stand up and do what’s right; whether its popular or not.”

Fst. Sgt. M.S. Whaley, the commandant for the 137th Basic Highway Patrol School, said to the more than 600 people attending the ceremony, “Approximately 15 weeks ago, on a very hot, humid day in May, I stood in front of 29 students who reported to our campus to become North Carolina state troopers. Of those 29 people, 19 lived up to the challenge of entrusting us with their time and energy to make the mark.”

To the graduating class, Whaley said, “You reported on your first day of this journey with much anxiety and uncertainty, yet with a clear charge and expectation of excellence.  Although each of you came here with distinct individuality, you have truly grown into a family with a mission greater than yourself:  The duty and the ability to serve your fellow man. Be confident and proud that you are joining a family and a team that is filled with some of the finest and most courageous people in the world.”

Courage, confidence and compassion are the three attributes that Colonel Grey said will make the cadets excellent state troopers.  He said compassion is the single most important quality which includeds sympathy for others and a desire to help.

“This is a tough job with at times heartbreaking situations and compassion is required,” Grey said.  “For it is these qualities that will enable you, in spite of the dangers, to protect and rescue others; that will compel you to stop on the side of a busy interstate in the blazing heat, freezing cold or pouring rain to help a stranded motorist; that empower you to stop and arrest an impaired driver at 3 in the morning so that the impaired driver and others eventually make it home safely. Be confident in the fact that you are the best trained, best prepared, law enforcement officers in the country.”

Chief Operating Officer Lorrie Dollar addressed the assembly and said that the level of commitment and dedication state troopers have every day, saving peoples’ lives on duty and off, makes them heros in her eyes. She told the cadets that being a state trooper is a great privilege, and with that comes a great responsibility.

“Always strive to do what’s right,” Dollar said.  “You will encounter good and evil througout the course of your employment and your lives.  Let the good direct your course.”

Colonel Grey quoted the Irish statesman, Edmund Burke: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

“However, I do not worry about evil prevailing…because it is the good men and women of this world, like those that serve on the North Carolina Highway Patrol, who hold evil at bay and keep our citizens safe,’ Grey said.

The following is a list of the graduates:

137TH  Basic School Duty Assignment Request

Last Name First Name Home of Record Duty Station
Altman Gary W Mecklenburg H5 – Mecklenburg
Butler Robert J Pitt A7 – Lenoir
Crawford Tyson W Jackson G5 – Jackson
Felton, III David Wayne C2 – Wayne
Foreman Steve W Jackson G6 – Macon
Greschak Matthew C Wake D7 – Orange
Hall Robert K Anson H3 – Union
Hegmann Sean C Bertie A2 – Hertford
High, Jr. Louis M Sampson B2 – Sampson
Holcomb Andrew C Rockingham D2 – Guilford
Lee Chuck Catawba F5 – Lincoln
Phillips Hunter D Graham G6 – Graham
Rice Colby S Person D4 – Person
Robinette Trenten L Alexander F4 – Iredell
Sanders Nolan J Wayne C2 – Wayne
Sellers Matthew E Pender C6 – Johnston
Stone Justin S Davidson E1 – Davidson
Strickland Brian K Robeson B1 – Cumberland
Travis Brandon E Alexander F5 – Catawba



Contact: Sgt. Michael Baker
Date: September 11, 2015
Phone: (919) 733-5027



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